Weird & Black

The weird is the tool that cracks up the World. By no means does it aim to destroy the World. In fact the weird is about decomposition.

But pay attention! The decomposition does not create a new World. The weird circumnavigates any decisional World-making.

It cracks up what centers our thoughts which serve as the pilings of our World. 

The weird erupts from the melting pot of universal chaos, from a black vorago that decenters all thoughts ab initio.

The disgorged thoughts allow for absolutely no inference on their determinant, which remains ultra-black.

Decomposition withholds our thoughts in chaotic Blackness. Our World-meanings are weakened, superimposed with a squillion of meanings.

Our thoughts on life, death, god, beauty, lose their authority over the Stranger we are.

Strangers in an empty non-topological vision-in-one.

I look out for Robert Walser, Bruno Schulz, Stefan Grabinski, Sadegh Hedayat, H.P. Lovecraft, and many many more.

There is no limit to inspiration in the chaos named Black.

© Maira Kalman, Man in the Snow, 2012

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