My first encounter with Laruelle was something like an earthquake (or should I say World-quake) for me. At that time I have made myself comfortable in a Buddhist thought-world and was relieved by having detected this sufficient anchor. What Laruelle did was to pull my anchor out. At first it was a horrible sensation to drift unfounded in the vast sea without any sufficiency. 

But in the course of time a flamboyant Black Universe was revealed to me. There were colors with foreign-sounding names like music, literature, philosophy, just to name a few. And every color was an expression of the Black. There was no color with the privilege to shine brighter than the others. All those colors were somehow equalized by the generic blackness of the Universe. 

The epiphany for me in Laruelle’s thinking is that I now feel a freedom of expression. In some sense in what I do I am a manifestation of the Universe. And no manifestation is more equal than any other manifestation. 

For now I have chosen literature of the weird kind (Lovecraft, Kafka, Ligotti…) as my expression of the Black Universe. And it feels great not having to ruminate if there is any better expression. Every expression has its justification. And by the way, the one I chose fits hotsy-totsy with my nursing of a newborn Stranger in this kaleidoscopic Universe. 

All this may sound very amateurish, so I hope my readers will have patience with me.

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