Black Universe

All words here and elsewhere are expressions. Expressions determined by a universe in utter blackness. All our attempts to impose meaning onto this blackness are doomed to fail, for we are not in the position to affect the black universe according to our conformity.

All the determinations being expressed wheresoever give light in all kinds of colours. They are an effect of the black affecting something in our world. But they will never shine a light on the black. The black universe remains indifferent to our meanings.

So there is nothing to grasp. Our fictious meanings are nothing but atmospheric phenomena arising from an unfathomable black texture of the universe.

If then our meanings are beginning to crumble, so does our experience of a stable unit that has the ability to determine this texture.

Even though we are part of the texture, we think according to the black and by doing this we try likewise  to refrain from thinking this texture.

This is the Black Universe.

These are ist effects.



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