The Arena Under the Dome

Introduction My first encounter with the non-buddhist project was a traumatic experience. After a long  struggle to find a spirituality that suits my needs, I began to settle in to some sort of naturalized buddhism. The settledness felt good, for I was relieved of constantly thinking about a way of life for myself. I should... Weiterlesen →

Leben, Tod, Worte

Unsere Expedition beginnt an jenem Punkt, an welchem wir uns der Unmöglichkeit gewahr werden, einen Zugang zum Realen zu finden. Und das inmitten von Leben, inmitten von Tod, umgeben von Worten. Betrachten wir Leben und Tod vor dem Hintergrund dieser Unmöglichkeit, so werden diese zu etwas Abstraktem, welchem unsere gelebte Erfahrung vorausgeht. Folglich ist keine... Weiterlesen →

Weird & Black

The weird is the tool that cracks up the World. By no means does it aim to destroy the World. In fact the weird is about decomposition. But pay attention! The decomposition does not create a new World. The weird circumnavigates any decisional World-making. It cracks up what centers our thoughts which serve as the... Weiterlesen →

I have a dream

I have a dream that one day we will sense the Real implication of Black. We will realize that all the light illuminating the particulars of our World is not the savior which frees us from blackness. Rather light is the autistic child of the Black Universe. Unborn but multilaterally expressive. The autism of light... Weiterlesen →

Virtual cafeïne

"If you say "no", men think it is "no", and echo answers "no". // " If you say "yes", men think it is "yes", but echo does not answer". Source (text and picture): Hisaki Sakaguchi (Glénat)


My first encounter with Laruelle was something like an earthquake (or should I say World-quake) for me. At that time I have made myself comfortable in a Buddhist thought-world and was relieved by having detected this sufficient anchor. What Laruelle did was to pull my anchor out. At first it was a horrible sensation to... Weiterlesen →

Life, Death & Words

The foreclosure of the Real is the starting point of our expedition. An expedition through life, death and words. Don’t panic. It’s a short expedition. Regarding life and death we could say, bearing in mind the foreclosure of the Real, that our lived experience is prior to life and death. What could this mean? To... Weiterlesen →

Black Universe

All words here and elsewhere are expressions. Expressions determined by a universe in utter blackness. All our attempts to impose meaning onto this blackness are doomed to fail, for we are not in the position to affect the black universe according to our conformity. All the determinations being expressed wheresoever give light in all kinds of... Weiterlesen →

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